500 Brickell | Miami, Florida


500 Brickell is a condominium consisting of two 42 story towers located on Brickell Avenue in the heart of downtown Miami, Florida. The developer requested a style that was directed to attracting young professionals in an urban, tropical modern, kinetic, interior. The building sits on the West side of Brickell Avenue. It was important for the buyer to have a sense of the proximity to the bay. The kinetic water wall was the solution to the water feature. The concept of wrapping the flooring onto the wall, and the stone becoming 3-dimensional articulated added to the visual excitement. The huge variation in color in the natural quartz stone was the driving force for the rest of the palette. from mauve, beige, sand and burnt orange to copper tones. Each of these colors were reaffirmed by the fabrics, carpets and painted surfaces, creating an inviting, cool, vibrant environment.



500 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131


Commercial Public Space